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Album Buscando Amaneceres Album Buscando Amaneceres SYRIAK

Buscando Amaneceres MP3 Featured

  • Artist: SYRIAK
  • Release Date: 2018-​04-​05
  • Genre: Rock Progresivo
  • Production by: SYRIAK
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Produccion Fonografica Musical:

Titulo: Buscando Amaneceres
Duracion : 4533 »
Formato de la Obra : MP3
Numero de Deposito Legal: En porceso
Numero de Registro SAPI: En proceso
Productor Ejecutivo : Gustavo G Vilchez B
Productor Musical: Carlos J. Vilchez B

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No Titulo Letra Compositor Musical
1 Buscando Amaneceres Carlos G Bermudez Carlos J. Vilchez B.
2 Deja abierta la Ventana Roberto Tarzieris Carlos J. Vilchez B.
3 Arjuna Gustavo G Vilchez B Carlos J. Vilchez B.
4 Tiempo Atras Roberto Tarzieris Carlos J. Vilchez B.
5 Elena Roberto Tarzieris Carlos J. Vilchez B.
6 Bailarina Ciega Roberto Tarzieris Carlos J. Vilchez B.
7 TMA-​2 — — — — — — — — — Carlos J. Vilchez B.
8 A él Roberto Tarzieris Carlos J. Vilchez B.
9 Once More Roberto Tarzieris Carlos J. Vilchez B.


  • Comment Link Nick Baldrian Sábado, 11 Junio 2016 09:01 posted by Nick Baldrian

    I have found the material very confident and convincing, wow there is so much to soak up, the music is diverse, well played, dramatic, atmospheric, melodic, complex, catchy, so much going on, so please have a read carefully of the below and if you have any questions come back to me.
    I think that the music is great, the songs are well constructed, complex without losing the feel and melody, progressive, yet melodic. I feel a lot of passion and the playing is superb.

  • Comment Link Larry Kolota Sábado, 11 Junio 2016 09:01 posted by Larry Kolota

    Dentro de los Cuentos del Día (2015) is for all intents and purposes the debut by Venezuelan symphonic prog band Syriak. Syriak was actually formed way back in 1981 and recorded an album that year that remains unreleased. The band’s bio says a second album was recorded in 1986 and released in 1987 but doesn’t mention its title. After a long hiatus, the band was revived in 2010, bringing in a new singer and new drummer. They began writing new material, resulting in this CD. Syriak list Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, and Rush as their influences. The music is melodic and exuberant, with quality vocals in Spanish and plenty of intricate instrumental work. In fact there are more than enough instrumental fireworks that listeners who usually avoid non-​English lyrics may want to make an exception. The exuberance in the music reflects Syriak’s roots in the 1980s, before the influx of metal and melancholy into prog slowed tempos and elevated dreariness to an art form. Anyway, it’s heartening to see new activity of any sort on the Venezuelan prog scene, and this is not simply another entry but one that has that spark and is genuinely exciting. kine​sisCD​.com

  • Comment Link HAYASHI KATSUHIKO Miércoles, 11 Mayo 2016 08:28 posted by HAYASHI KATSUHIKO

    It appeared attention of technical Heavy Symphonic band from Venezuela! Groan arranged synths and artful guitar, passionate vocals to listen in, deployed in a tough sound, such as reminiscent of the ENTRANCE Band of Chile with lots of odd time signatures. Rip from beginning to end in a thrilling cut Ya inflaming tension and has a super tour de force. In addition, not only overwhelmed by the press, and constructive a delicate arrangement, also a scene that is wrapped in the pale lyricism seems to South America with lyrical poetic sentiment there.

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